Do you think inflatable sex dolls were invented by the Nazis?

Today, we should remember that for many individuals in Europe and America, both unmarried and single men and women, or married couples are willing to spend an amount of money to get a virtual sex doll, Manga Sex dolls have recently become a craze. It is possible that sex dolls, just like everybody wants a car to enrich our lives, are ultimately becoming part of existence. MiisooDOLL would like to explore a debate with netizens today.

"MiisooDoll read an article in early August 2020 titled, "Did Adolf Hitler create the Sex Doll? ”

The article argued that many people would like to question if the German Nazi Party leader had formulated inflatable sex dolls, even if the article did not itself include them.

The article was shared on a website called a blog that specializes in eerie and horrific stories.

That's right: Hitler created the Inflatable sex dolls" However, the author also acknowledged that the Borghild Project was a hoax: "Regrettably, the evidence that existed in favor of the incident is humorous enough that it is definitely not a true story. Nevertheless,' Hitler invented the sex doll' is such a term that we can pretend it existed anyway.

According to the rumors that by providing sexual dolls to the guys, the Borghild Project One of troops. The project was allegedly influenced by the 1940 Court of Heinrich Himmler in Adolf Hitler that there was a problem of syphilis from the prostitute houses in Paris.

He published in the study, "The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled existence of whores." Hitler reportedly accepted the proposal to give a blow-up doll to the soldiers in their backpacks. Hitler reportedly consented to the proposal and, under the direction of Franz Tschackert at the German Grooming Museum, designers set to work designing a blow-up doll or other male masturbators.

The Nazis were fighting, according to sources, and they had no desire to have sex with women at this period. During that time, Hitler suggested that most men out there could be saturated with the concept of inflatable blow-up dolls.

In an email that the hoax is based on, Laurie Marhoeferan Associate Professor of History at the University of Washington told us very real concerns [Heinrich] Himmler shared about German men, particularly soldiers and SS men, having the freedom to articulate their female sexual drives, and in addition the Nazi State shot's syphilis preventive measures, such as regulated brothels.

A decent number of officials did something similar at the moment. "However, sex dolls are a hoax." Elizabeth Heinemann, a University of Iowa history professor and author of the book "Before Porn Was Legal," told us that there was no evidence that inflatable sex dolls were usable in the period of World War II.

"Heinemann advised us via email, "The [erotica] buyers were mostly veterans, and the industry had a remarkably wide variety of items on sale. By the mid-1950s, she pointed out, "Catalogs for such things were sometimes over 150 pages," but the objects mentioned in those pages did not contain inflatable sex dolls.

Then who invented the inflatable doll and the sex doll, MiisooDOLL asked?

In France, previous similar documents have emerged. For instance, sex dolls made of rubber and plastic were listed in the French magazine "Sex Life in Our Time" in 1908, and even ejaculation could be imitated by clever design.

We refer to the ritual of fornication by mannequins or incomplete versions in this respect. There's a powerful sexual mechanic in this province that uses rubber and other plastic materials to make models of male or female bodies... You can also simulate ejaculation into an oil-filled inflatable hose...
The presence of artificial dolls is described in detail in a 1904 French document called Les Detraquees de Paris (Les Detraquees de Paris). The book reports that he was shown by Dr. P the sex dolls he made. These dolls can be inflated and heated and are lifelike. Every doll's manufacturing period is 3 months, and the price is around 10,000 francs.